Started with Hepka Kablo Profil Sanayi ve Ticaret Ltd. Şti. (Hepka Cable Profile Industry and Trade Co., Ltd.) which was established by Mechanical Engineer Orhan Karakoç in early 1980’s. Our company whose main scope of activity was the manufacture of automotive, electrical cables, installation, cable grouping, PVC hoses, flanges and profiles expanded in February 2007 with the involvement of HPA Hose Profile and Packing Materials – Volkan Niyazi Karakoç (HPA-VKN) sole trader company to conduct its marketing activities. In this new process, under the market conditions of a global and local crisis breaking out, exit from cable manufacturing took place. A strategic renewal phase which presumed concentration on other fields of production was initiated. HPA-VNK developed client focused products primarily in line with requirements of local market. It has succeded in becoming a leader in local and regional market in WIRE CLIPS and HOSE variety which it has produced as its main field by means of R&D works and foreign market orientation carried out in years.

Following its cooperation with Dutch business partner DUTCHBAND B.V. in early 2015, it included secure payment technologies and solutions for festivals and activities into its product portfolio.

HPA-VNK became involved in POLYMER RAW MATERIAL industry in 2018 following participation of Chemical Eng. D. Selin Karakoç, another member of the family. With the constant growth in the amount of sales within a brief period, long-term cooperation with large scale local manufacturers as raw material suppliers were initiated.

Following growth in business volume and rising market share, HPA AMBALAJ VE PLASTİK ÜRÜNLERİ İÇ VE DIŞ TİCARET LTD. ŞTİ. (HPA LTD. – HPA PACKING AND PLASTIC PRODUCTS DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN TRADE CO. LTD.) went into a new internal re-organisation in 2019 to become founded as a family company. HPA LTD. presently makes sale of the entire production of HPA-VNK as well as other product range it represents, within domestic and foreign markets.


In our view, a high level of reliability depends on efficient relations which can be established over many years. Within this concept, we are aiming at setting up and maintaining permanent dialog with our partners and establishing our relations on firm basis.


We are aware of hurdles in being a supplier, because you can not provide product quality unless you maintain input quality. HPA integrates with its partner organisations to carry out works towards permanent improvement of its product, process and service quality. It places emphasis on the design, re-design, performance and compatibility values of its dispatched products.


Cost is the value aspect of the products and services we provide. We endeavour to produce in the most efficient way in accordance with customer demand and expectations. It is a requirement of our long term amicable commercial liaisons to minimise product life cost and to stand by our partners in after-sale services. We are permanently making improvements to increase profitability and market share of our partners, thereby keeping their costs at the minimum level.


Timely delivery which is one of the primary requirements of our partners is an indicator of achievement for our company. We endevaour to provide our products and services on time and where required.


We manufacture mask wire, nose clips, customized clips, ties and tubes. We supply polymer raw materials.